Hospice Respite Care

Respite care allows the patient to be admitted to an inpatient bed for between 1-5 days to provide a break for the family caregiver.

Hospice Respite Care Provides Relief for the Primary Caregiver 

Having a loved one diagnosed with a life-threatening illness is emotionally taxing for the strongest of families. With competing family and work commitments, primary caregivers carry most of a family's emotional and physical toll, whether it be meal feeding, bathing, medication management, or transportation to doctor's appointments. The demands of a primary caregiver never seem to end.

Home Hospice of Georgia has a sincere appreciation for every primary caregiver's love and support to their loved ones. We tell every primary caregiver that you can't take care of your loved one if you don't take care of yourself. Hospice Respite Care can help!

What is Hospice Respite Care?

The Medicare hospice benefit(1) will provide short-term relief for primary caregivers by covering patient transportation costs and up to five days of care at a Medicare-approved inpatient center (i.e., Skilled Nursing Home or Hospice House). Once the period of up to five days is completed, the patient will be transported home for continued care by the primary caregiver and hospice team.

Why should a caregiver take advantage of Hospice Respite Care?

Primary caregivers should take advantage of this fantastic hospice benefit to allow themselves to take a break, reconnect with friends and family, relax and tend to their own needs. 

Primary caregiver burnout is real; we see it every day. The demands of a caregiver never end; if you don't take care of yourself, who will?

Caregivers are welcome to visit their loved ones in the Medicare-approved inpatient center while in Respite Care. However, we encourage all caregivers to take this time to truly take a break and take their minds off the stresses and demands that may generally exist when their loved one is at home.

Signs that you may want to consider Hospice Respite Care

Primary caregivers should consider Hospice Respite Care when:

  • They become emotionally or physically exhausted, unable to take care of their own needs and mental or physical well-being.
  • They become sick and need time to rest and recover
  • They have life events such as weddings, a vacation, or other personal commitments that make them unable to care for their loved ones.

Hospice Respite Care - Prevents Caregiver Burnout

The hospice philosophy not only encompasses caring for the clinical and emotional well-being of our patients but also those of their caregivers and family. Hospice Respite Care can positively impact the quality of life of your loved one as quickly as the caregiver puts measures in place to take care of themselves.

While respite care is only provided for up to 5 days, hospice volunteers can help alleviate the caregiver for a few hours so that they can tend to other commitments or chores.

Please note that all Hospice Respite Care must be pre-approved and pre-arranged by Home Hospice of Georgia to ensure the service meets Medicare eligibility requirements. Respite Care is not Continuous Hospice Care as the intended benefit is mainly for the primary caregiver. Whether your loved one is on hospice services in Marietta, hospice care in Cumming, hospice in Gwinnett county or any of the 20 counties we serve, Hospice Respite Care is available.