Grief Counseling Support

We will be by your side following the loss of a loved one to help provide grief support through various services.

Bereavement Support - Let's Talk About It

Grief is expected after the loss of a loved one (1). Talking to someone about how we are coping with losing a loved one is the first step in the healing process. Home Hospice of Georgia's experienced bereavement coordinator is accessible to anyone, adult or child, that may be facing challenges from a recent loss.

Our bereavement program allows us to stay connected with the friends and family that supported our patients through their hospice journey for up to 18 months. We are accessible anytime if anyone needs support while they navigate their healing process.

Our bereavement support services include:

  • Regular check-ins from our bereavement coordinator over 18 months after the loss of a loved one. You can request not to be contacted at any point over the 18 months.
  • Support by phone or in-person 
  • An annual remembrance service
  • Connecting you to any resources in the community that may help you and your family through your healing process.